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as the world
Echolyn As the World.jpg
Studio album by echolyn
Released March 7, 1995 (1995-03-07)
Recorded 1994
Genre Progressive rock
Length 69:18
Label Sony
echolyn chronology
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(1993)...and every blossom1993
as the world
When the Sweet Turns Sour
(1996)When the Sweet Turns Sour1996
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]
DPRP 10/10 stars[2]
ProgArchives 3.94/5.0 stars[3]

As the World is an album by the progressive rock band Echolyn, released in 1995. It features many complex arrangements and vocal harmonies, showing at times the influence of classic progrock bands such as Gentle Giant and Genesis.

Album content[edit]

Track 1, "All Ways The Same" is a short instrumental intro to the album, a string ensemble piece composed by echolyn keyboardist Christopher Buzby and performed by studio violinists and echolyn members (laying down the vocals) where it was recorded in Nashville.

Track 2, "As The World" begins in A minor with acoustic guitar and vocals with a simple percussion. As bass and drums are added, vocal harmonies come into play, as well as an organ continuo by Buzby. Toward the middle of the song, the syncopated vocals and contrapuntal instrumentation perhaps remind the listener of a Gentle Giant influence on this song more than most other echolyn pieces.

Tracks 7 through 11 make up a suite entitled "Letters." Track 9 ("My Dear Wormwood") is based on The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.

Track 16, "Never the Same" is the most requested song at live performances. Echolyn guitarist Brett Kull has remarked about this apparent paradox, because while the group is hailed for being extraordinarily "proggy", the song is a relatively simple one in 3/4 time. This song marks the influence of The Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel more than the often-cited progressive rock influences.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "All Ways the Same" (Echolyn) – 0:36
  2. "As the World" (Echolyn, Kull, Weston) – 4:50
  3. "Uncle" (Echolyn, Weston) – 6:54
  4. "How Long I Have Waited" (Buzby, Echolyn) – 4:43
  5. "Best Regards" (Buzby, Echolyn, Kull) – 4:11
  6. "The Cheese Stands Alone" (Buzby, Echolyn, Kull, Weston) – 4:48
  7. "Prose" (Echolyn) – 1:45
  8. "A Short Essay" (Echolyn, Kull, Weston) – 4:34
  9. "My Dear Wormwood" (Echolyn, Kull) – 3:34
  10. "Entry 11-19-93" (Echolyn, Weston) – 5:33
  11. "One for the Show" (Echolyn, Kull) – 4:31
  12. "The Wiblet" (Echolyn) – 0:47
  13. "Audio Verité" (Echolyn, Weston) – 4:27
  14. "Settled Land" (Echolyn, Kull, Weston) – 5:42
  15. "A Habit Worth Forming" (Echolyn, Weston) – 4:29
  16. "Never the Same" (Echolyn, Kull) – 7:54


Guest musicians[edit]

  • Orchestra Arranged and Conducted by Christopher Buzby
  • Connie Ellisor - strings section leader
  • Connie Ellisor - violin
  • Ted Madson - violin
  • Catherine Ulmstead - violin
  • Pamela Sixfin - violin
  • David Davison - violin
  • Cate Meyer - violin
  • Katherine Shenk - violin
  • Carol Ellisor - violin
  • Jim Grosjean
  • Alan Ulmstead - viola
  • Kris Wilkinson - viola
  • Bob Mason - cello
  • Sam Levine - piccolo, flute, recorder


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