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Asche live at Das Bunker.png
Asche live at Das Bunker in Los Angeles, March 2006
Background information
Birth name Andreas Schramm
Origin Germany
Genres Noise
Labels Ant-Zen
Associated acts Ars Moriendi, Templegarden’s

Asche is a German musical project, one which encompasses the spectrum of noise, power electronics, and droning ambient. It is a staple act of Germany’s industrial and power noise record label, Ant-Zen.

Members / History[edit]

Asche’s lineup consists of one man, Andreas Schramm. The term Asche is German for "ash", but is also an allusion to Schramm's name, which as often credited as A. Schramm. Schramm was also a founding member of the industrial group Ars Moriendi, and is a co-member of the ritual-ambient project Templegarden’s and other projects KYAM and Monokrom.


  • That Loop In My Eye, Tape
  • Down By Loop, CD-R
  • Older Stuff, CD-R
  • Non Apocalypse, 1993, Tape / CD
  • Times, (with The Rorschach Garden), 1995, Tape
  • (split w/ Morgenstern), 1996, LP
  • S/T, 1998, Tape
  • (split w/ Templegarden’s), 1998, 10”
  • Erode (with Converter and Morgenstern), CD
  • Recycling Art, 2000, CD / Boxset
  • Distorted Disco, 2000, CD
  • Distorted DJ, 2003, 2CD / 2LP
  • Scenes From A Galton's Walk (with Synapscape), 2006, CD
  • The Easter Island Phenomenon, 2010, CD
  • Stonebrain EP (2011)

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