Ascott Earl Castle

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Ascott Earl Castle
Ascott Earl, Oxfordshire, England
Motte and Bailey, Ascott Earl - - 595984.jpg
Motte and bailey remains of the castle in the background
Ascott Earl Castle is located in Oxfordshire
Ascott Earl Castle
Ascott Earl Castle
Coordinates51°51′48″N 1°34′12″W / 51.8634°N 1.5701°W / 51.8634; -1.5701Coordinates: 51°51′48″N 1°34′12″W / 51.8634°N 1.5701°W / 51.8634; -1.5701
Grid referencegrid reference SP297184
Site information
ConditionEarthworks only

Ascott Earl Castle was a castle in the village of Ascott Earl, Oxfordshire, England.


Ascott Earl Castle was built in the village of Ascott Earl, to a motte-and-bailey design. The castle is very close to the fortification of Ascot d'Oilly Castle, built on an adjacent estate at the other end of the village.[1] Ascott Earl Castle lies on former Iron Age fortifications; its motte is 56m wide and 3.5m high; the surrounding bailey is in the shape of a crescent, approximately 70m by 30m wide.[2]

Today the castle is a scheduled monument.[2]


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