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Ashok Leyland Defence Systems Limited
Industry Military
Headquarters Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Key people

Amandeep Singh (Head Defence), Atul Andley (Head Domestic Sales)

Ratan Shrivastava (Exports)
Products Military Vehicles
Parent Ashok Leyland, Hinduja Group
Website Ashok Leyland Defence - Home

Ashok Leyland Defence Systems Limited is a newly floated company (floated on 18 March 2008) by the Hinduja Group to consolidate the Group's defence business. The Hinduja Group’s flagship company Ashok Leyland holds 26 percent in the newly formed Ashok Leyland Defence Systems (ALDS).

Ashok Leyland Defence Systems currently offers end-to-end solutions around its Stallion vehicle platform to meet the logistical requirements of armed forces around the world. The defence vehicle solutions based on the various vehicle platforms include modular packages for driver training, vehicle maintenance, electronic publications and a fleet management system as a standard feature.

History of Ashok Leyland Defence Systems[edit]

Ashok Leyland Defence Systems was born out of Ashok Leyland which has been involved in the design, development and manufacture of vehicles for the Indian armed forces. Ashok Leyland is ranked among the world’s largest producers of medium duty defence vehicles today.[1]

Ashok Leyland’s defence vehicles are serving armed forces in ground support roles from troop carriers to special application logistical and tactical vehicles. Its diesel engines have been used to power vehicles, boats, cranes, ground starter aggregates, compressors and generators.

Ashok Leyland has supported the modernization of the Indian Army by developing a host of logistical vehicles with military payloads ranging from 1.5 to 16 tonnes for Light Specialty Vehicles (LSV), Mine Protected Vehicles (MPV), General Services Role, Light Recovery Vehicles, High Mobility Vehicles, Fire Fighting Trucks, Field Artillery Tractors and other special applications.

Ashok Leyland Defence has a rich heritage of association with defence forces around the world through its association with Leyland and AVIA.[2] The Mk VIII Centaur tanks which were built at Leyland taking part in the Italian campaign in 1943. While the OT 64 Czech armoured carrier's chassis units were manufactured by AVIA in 1963.


Ashok Leyland Defence in India

Ashok Leyland has extended its automotive expertise to the defence sector, for over three decades, and has been a pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of special vehicles, serving the Indian Army.[3] Ashok Leyland Defence Systems Ltd. (ALDS) shares this heritage and association with global defence markets.

Global Operations

Ashok Leyland Defence Systems Ltd. (ALDS) also leverages Ashok Leyland's in-house R&D base, its collaboration with global technology leaders and Ashok Leyland's state-of-the-art plants in India.[4] Ashok Leyland Defence Systems Ltd. (ALDS) also works with associate companies (Hinduja Group Companies) AVIA (Prague, Czech Republic), Optare (Leeds,UK), Defiance (Detroit, USA), Hinduja Foundries (Chennai, India) and AlbonAir (Dortmund, Germany) to leverage their capabilities.[5]

Defence Products and Solutions[edit]

Ashok Leyland Defence Systems (ALDS) has logistical vehicles with military payloads ranging from 1.5 to 16 tonnes for Light Specialty Vehicles (LSV), Mine Protected Vehicles (MPV), General Services Role, Light Recovery Vehicles, High Mobility Vehicles, Fire Fighting Trucks, Field Artillery Tractors and other special applications. It also has tactical vehicles designed for combat and offensive roles such as Multi-Barrel Rocket Launchers (MBRLs).


Indian Army Stallion 4x4

The Stallion is a medium duty defence vehicle with multiple logistical, tactical and special purpose applications. The Stallion 4x4 and Stallion 6x6 are operation across climatic zones such as Alpine, Subtropical, Tropical and Arid zones. The Stallion is used by the Indian Army across the varied climate and terrain of India from coastal operations to high altitude bases, from deserts to snow covered mountainous regions. The Stallion forms the logistical backbone of the Indian Armed Forces with over 60,000 Stallions used by the Indian Army.[6] The Stallion is built for use in harsh environments and for easy maintenance in regions where supporting infrastructure may be missing. The Sri Lanka Army also uses Stallions.

Super Stallion[edit]

The Super Stallion is an uprated version of the Stallion. The 6x6 is rated at 10 tonnes while the 8x8 is rated at 12 tonnes.[7][7]


Rhino is a medium to heavy duty defence vehicle with logistical and tactical applications.


Fox is a light specialist defence vehicle with logistical and tactical applications.

Special Purpose Vehicles[edit]

Special Purpose Vehicles for military applications such as armoured bus transport, truck fire fighting and mine protected vehicles.

End-to-End Logistical Defence Solution[edit]

Ashok Leyland Defence Systems (ALDS) provides an end-to-end logistical defence solution with the Stallion 4x4 and Stallion 6x6. The End-to-End Defence Vehicle Solutions include modular packages such as Fleet Management System, vehicle maintenance kits, driver training packages, electronic publications along with global warehouse support.

Strategic Partnerships[edit]

Ashok Leyland Defence Systems - Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW)[edit]

Hinduja Group’s floated Ashok Leyland Defence Systems Ltd (ALDS) (floated on 18 March 2008), India and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) GmbH and Co KG, Germany, jointly develop advanced defence systems for Indian defence establishment as well as other defence forces worldwide. The memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the companies, includes scope in development of artillery systems, combat systems, armoured wheeled vehicles, recovery vehicles, bridge laying systems and other similar products.

The two companies are cooperating in the development of advanced Defence systems for the Indian Defence establishment and other Defence forces worldwide. Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) will provide the technology and the technical assistance for the development of these Defence systems. The 170-year-old company is a market leader in highly protected armoured wheeled and tracked vehicles. The armed forces of over 30 nations rely on their systems such as the MBT LEOPARD 2, the artillery system PzH 2000 or the highly protected DINGO 2.[8] Dr V. Sumantran, Chairman, Ashok Leyland Defence Systems, said the partnership brings together the technological bandwidth of KMW and Ashok Leyland's innovations aimed at cost advantage and expands ALDS' product opportunities.[9] Mr Frank Haun, CEO and President, KMW, said the partnership will support KMW's plans to internationalise its business.[10]

KMW which leads the European market for armoured wheeled and tracked vehicles is present at locations in Germany, Brazil, Greece, the Netherlands, Singapore, Turkey and the USA. Some 3500 employees manufacture and support a product portfolio ranging from air-transportable, heavily armoured wheeled vehicles (MUNGO, AMPV*, DINGO, GFF4 and BOXER*) through reconnaissance, antiaircraft and artillery systems (FENNEK, GEPARD, LeFlaSys*, Armoured Howitzer 2000, AGM and DONAR) to heavy battle tanks (LEOPARD 1 and 2), infantry fighting vehicles (PUMA*) and bridge laying systems (LEGUAN). KMW also has wide-ranging system competence in civil and military simulation, command and information systems and remote-controlled weapon stations with reconnaissance and observation equipment for day and night missions.

Ashok Leyland Defence Paramount (SA)[edit]

Ashok Leyland Defence Systems (ALDS) has signed up with the Paramount Group, South Africa for the development and manufacture of Mine Protected Vehicles in India.

Ashok Leyland Defence Systems' multimillion-dollar deal with the South African defence systems manufacturer will see the Paramount Group developing its second joint assembly plant outside South Africa. The two companies will manufacture mine-protected armoured vehicles at a joint plant to be constructed in India. Ashok Leyland will invest more than US$10M in the plant over the next year before the first vehicle comes off the line.

Initially basic components manufactured in South Africa would be used to assemble the vehicles in India before the production line there starts making all components. The new vehicle combines the specification of two Paramount mine-resistant vehicles, the Marauder and the Matador, with the Ashok Leyland's basic four-wheel drive military vehicle Stallion.

Paramount Group is one of South Africa’s leading defence systems contractors, providing defence, peace-keeping and internal security solutions to government agencies worldwide.

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