Asia Bagus

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Asia Bagus
Presented by Najip Ali
Tomoko Kadowaki
Country of origin  Singapore
Running time 30 minutes
Original network  Japan - Fuji TV
 Indonesia - TVRI/RCTI
 Malaysia - TV3
Original release 1992 – 2000

Asia Bagus was a star-search program created by Fuji Television spanning from 1992 until 2000 to promote young up-and-coming performing artists in Asia. The show broadcasts once a week throughout Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. The prevailing champion over three shows goes on to compete in a monthly run-off, while grand championships are held once a year. It was hosted by Tomoko Kadowaki and Najip Ali.[1][2]

The winners[edit]

Year Moment Place The Winner Runner Up
1992 1st Grand Championship Tokyo, Japan Krisdayanti from Indonesia
  • Score 96 points, song "Learning form Love"
Dewi Yuliartiningsih (Dewi Gita) from Indonesia
  • Score 93 points, song "Merenda Kasih"
1993 2nd Grand Championship Tokyo, Japan Construction Sight from Singapore
  • Score 90 points
Niniesdian Ratnasari from Indonesia
  • Score 89 points, song "I Have Nothing"
1993 3rd Grand Championship Tokyo, Japan Amy Mastura from Malaysia
  • Score 87 points, song "Fikir Dulu"
Erva Yudhisa from Indonesia
  • Score 86 points, song "Save the Best for Last"
1994 4th Grand Championship Tokyo, Japan Nisa Lin from Taiwan Prilianty Chintya Lamusu from Indonesia
1995 5th Grand Championship Jakarta, Indonesia Tengku Shaharum from Malaysia Imelda Aritonang from Indonesia
1996 6th Grand Championship Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Miki Low Leang Cheng from Malaysia Eka Mairina from Indonesia
1997 Best Of Asia Bagus Tokyo, Japan Krisdayanti from Indonesia
  • song "Merasa"
1998 7th Grand Championship Jakarta, Indonesia Ida Satrianti (Atiek) from Indonesia
  • Score 92 points, song "Be the Man" (won via voting)
Ikema Akane from Japan
  • Score 92 points
1999 8th Grand Championship Bali, Indonesia Rio Febrian from Indonesia
  • Score 94 points, song "I am your Angel"
Alyah from Malaysia
  • Score 89 points (won via voting)
2000 9th Grand Championship Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Caroline Gunawan (Alena) from Indonesia
  • Score 93 points, song "What a girl want"
Gail Satiawaki from Indonesia
  • Score 89 points (won via voting), song "This things called love"


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