Aspen Avionics

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Aspen Avionics
Industry Aerospace
Founded 2004
Headquarters Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
Key people
John Uczekaj, Peter Lyons, Jeff Bethel

Aspen Avionics is an American aircraft avionics manufacturer.

Aspen specializes in producing aftermarket EFIS display systems that retrofit into certified general aviation aircraft. The Evolution Flight Display system family is the company's main product line.[1]

Aspen was founded by former Eclipse Aviation employees Peter Lyons, Jeff Bethel in 2004.[2] In 2007 Aspen expanded into a 27,000 sq ft (2,500 m2) manufacturing plant in New Mexico.[3]

Aspen entered into a co-operative agreement with Avionics manufacturer Avidyne to produce compatible products. In 2012 the companies released the DFC90 Autopilot, which integrates with Aspen displays and shares AHRS signals.[4]

Major Products[edit]

Aspen Evolution
  • AT300 Hazard Awareness Display (2005) Electronic VSI and Terrain Avoidance system.[5]
  • Evolution EFD1000 (2008 FAA Certification) Drop-in EFIS display.


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