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Assistance is an act of helping behavior.

Assistance may also refer to:

Types of help[edit]

  • Aid, in international relations, a voluntary transfer of resources from one country to another
  • Assistance dog, a dog trained to aid or assist a person with a disability
  • Consular assistance, help and advice provided by the diplomatic agents of a country to citizens of that country who are living or traveling overseas
  • Development assistance, financial aid given to support the development of developing countries
  • Directory assistance, a phone service used to find out a specific telephone number and/or address
  • Financial assistance (disambiguation), multiple forms
  • General Assistance, in the United States, welfare programs that benefit adults without dependents
  • Humanitarian assistance, material or logistical assistance provided for humanitarian purposes
  • Judicial assistance, admittance and enforcement of a judicial order by a court from one jurisdiction to a court in another jurisdiction
  • Operation Assistance, military support to the civil authorities during the flooding of the Red River in April and May 1997
  • Operator assistance, a service to assist the calling party placing a telephone call
  • Roadside assistance, a service that provides assistance to motorists, or bicyclists, whose vehicles have suffered a mechanical failure
  • Social assistance, welfare
  • Travel assistance, a service which provides help, primarily in medical emergencies during travel
  • User assistance, guided assistance to a user of a software product
  • Virtual assistance, a service by independent entrepreneurs who work remotely and use technology to deliver services to clients globally
  • Wind assistance, a term in track and field, which refers to the wind level during a race or event
  • Windows Remote Assistance, a feature of Windows XP and later that allows a user to temporarily view or control a remote Windows computer
  • Writ of assistance, a written order issued by a court instructing a law enforcement official to perform a certain task

Groups and organizations[edit]

  • American Student Assistance, a non-profit organization whose mission is to help students successfully complete the financing and repayment of higher education
  • Civil Assistance, 1970s British civil defence group
  • Polish Assistance, also known as "Bratnia Pomoc", is a charitable foundation based in New York City

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