At the River's Edge: Live in St. Louis

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At the River's Edge: Live in St. Louis
Styx at the river's edge.jpg
Live album by Styx
Released July 9, 2002 (US)
Recorded June 9, 2000, Riverport Amphitheater, St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Genre Rock
Label Sanctuary Records
Producer James Young
Gary Loizzo
Styx compilations chronology
Styx World: Live 2001
At the River's Edge: Live in St. Louis

At the River's Edge, by the rock band Styx is a single-disc version of Arch Allies: Live at Riverport, featuring only the Styx set, and including live versions of the tracks "Everything Is Cool" and "Lorelei" in place of the Jam versions of "Blue Collar Man" and "Roll with the Changes" that Styx performed with REO Speedwagon on that album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Everything Is Cool" (Tommy Shaw) - 4:55
  2. "The Grand Illusion" - (Dennis DeYoung) 5:38
  3. "Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)" (Shaw) - 4:58
  4. "Lorelei" (James "J.Y." Young, DeYoung) - 4:09
  5. "Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)" (Shaw) - 6:18
  6. "Lady" (DeYoung) - 4:48
  7. "Brave New World" (Shaw, Young) - 5:41
  8. "Edge of the Century" (Glen Burtnik, Bob Berger) - 5:06
  9. "Heavy Water" (Young, Shaw) - 5:53
  10. "Too Much Time on My Hands (Shaw) - 5:22
  11. "Renegade" (Shaw) - 7:25