Attack from Mars

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Attack From Mars
Attack From Mars Pinball Flyer.png
Manufacturer Midway
Release date December 1995
System Midway WPC-95
Design Brian Eddy
Programming Lyman F. Sheats
Artwork Doug Watson
Mechanics Robert C. Friesl
Music Dan Forden
Sound Dan Forden
Production run 3,450

Attack from Mars is a 1995 pinball game designed by Brian Eddy, and released by Midway (under the Bally label).

In this game, Martians began to invade the Earth, and it is up to the player to destroy the Martian fleet, save all the major cities, and then head off to Mars to destroy the Martian empire and planet Mars.

Among the game's noted features include four dancing Martian figures and a strobe light (for Strobe Multiball).


  • Super Jets: You have to score a certain amount of hits on the pop bumpers to light Super Jets (worth 3 million points per hit).
  • 5-Way Combo: During regular gameplay, you have to make consecutive shots at any lit loops or ramps to score a combo, before the lights go out.
  • Super Jackpot: During regular multiball, score all five jackpot shots with at least two balls in play to light the Super Jackpot, which continuously roves at any of the five jackpot shots.
  • Martian Multiball: Successfully kill all four Martians during "Martian Attack", and a second ball is launched into play for Martian Multiball.
  • Total Annihilation: Clear the left and right loops, as well as the left and right ramps, for Total Annihilation Multiball, a four-ball multiball.
  • Conquer Mars: Defend all the major cities, and then you head off to Mars to confront the Martian Empire.

When all six of these objectives are met, shoot the "Stroke of Luck" scoop to start Rule the Universe, a four-ball wizard mode. In this mode, everything is lit, and the objective is to score 5 billion points with at least two balls in play, and if you succeed, you will score an extra 5 billion points.


Attack From Mars was followed up with Revenge From Mars, released in 1999. It was designed by George Gomez, and it featured most of the original AFM design team . It was the first game to run on Williams/Midway's Pinball 2000 platform. WMS Industries introduced slot machines in 2011 called Attack from Mars and Revenge from Mars.[1]

Digital versions[edit]

Attack from Mars is available as a licensed table of The Pinball Arcade for several platforms. Attack from Mars was also included in the arcade game UltraPin. Unlicensed recreations of the game are available for Visual Pinball.


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