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Industry Software
Founded 2000, merged 2009
Defunct February 2016 (2016-02)
Headquarters Redwood City, California
Products Text analytics

Attensity provides social analytics and engagement applications for social customer relationship management (social CRM).[1] Attensity's text analytics software applications extract facts, relationships and sentiment from unstructured data, which comprise approximately 85% of the information companies store electronically.[2]

The software uses natural language processing technology to address collective intelligence in blogs, online forums and social media such as Twitter[3] and Facebook;[4] the voice of the customer in surveys and emails; customer experience management (CEM); e-services; research and e-discovery; risk and compliance; and intelligence analysis.[5]

Corporations that use or have used Attensity software include Airbus, Charles Schwab, Citigroup, HP, JetBlue, Lloyds Banking Group, Safeway, Siemens, StubHub, TiVo, Travelocity, Unilever, Walgreens, Wells Fargo and Whirlpool.[6] Government organizations that use or have used Attensity solutions include the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency.[7]

As part of the 2012 election campaign, Attensity partnered with Yahoo! to provide social analytics around the televised GOP debates.[8] Attensity also provided research on customer sentiment on campaign issues to media outlets such as USA Today.[9]


Attensity was founded in 2000. An early investor in Attensity was In-Q-Tel,[10] which funds technology to support the missions of the US Government and the broader DOD. InTTENSITY, an independent company that has combined Inxight with Attensity Software (the only joint development project that combines two InQTel funded software packages), is the exclusive distributor and outlet for Attensity in the Federal Market. In 2009, Attensity Corp., then based in Palo Alto, merged with Germany's Empolis and Living-e AG to form Attensity Group.[11] In 2010, Attensity Group acquired Biz360, Inc., a provider of social media monitoring and market intelligence solutions.[12] In early 2012, Attensity Group divested itself of the Empolis business unit via a management buyout; that unit currently conducts business under its pre-merger name.

Attensity Group is a closely held private company. Its majority shareholder is Aeris Capital, a private Swiss investment office advising a high net-worth individual and his charitable foundation. Foundation Capital, Granite Ventures, and Scale Venture Partners were among Biz360's investors and thus became shareholders in Attensity Group.[13]

In February, 2016, Attensity's IP assets were acquired by InContact, and Attensity closed its doors for good.[14]

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