Attheya decora

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Attheya decora
Attheya decora.jpg
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Chromalveolata
Phylum: Heterokontophyta
Class: Bacillariophyceae
Order: Centrales
Suborder: Biddulphiineae
Family: Chaetocerotaceae
Genus: Attheya
Species: A. decora
Binomial name
Attheya decora
(T. West, 1860)

Attheya decora is a diatom in the genus Attheya. Type material was collected from Cresswell sands, Northumberland by Mr. Atthey.[1]


  1. ^ West, T. 1860. Remarks on some Diatomaceae, new or imperfectly described and a new Desmid. Transactions of the Microscopical Society, New Series, London 8:147-153, pl. 7.

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