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Attock Group
Traded asAttock Petroleum
Attock Refinery
National Refinery
on the Karachi Stock Exchange
FounderGhaith Pharaon[1]
HeadquartersRawalpindi, Pakistan
RevenueIncrease US$ 4.11 billion (2012–2013)[2]
Number of employees
Over 10,000

Attock Group, also known as Pharaon Group, is a Pakistani conglomerate company based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.[3] It is the sole vertically integrated oil conglomerate of the country.[4]

The group is owned by Ghaith Pharaon family.[1]


The Attock Group consists of the following companies:[5]

Pakistan Oilfields Limited (POL)[edit]

Pakistan Oilfields Limited was founded on November 25, 1950 and is one of the oldest Pakistani exploration and production company. In 1978, POL took over the exploration and production business of AOC. Since then it has been investing independently and in joint ventures with various E&P companies for the search of oil and gas in the country. Aside from exploration and production of gas, POL also operates an extensive network of pipelines for transporting its own crude oil as well as that of others to ARL. It also manufactures LPG, Solvent Oil and Sulphur. Pakistan Oilfields Limited is the oil exploration wing of the Attock Group of Companies.[2]

Attock Refinery Limited (ARL)[edit]

Attock Refinery Limited (ARL), is a refinery refining the oil in the country with its operations dating back to the early 1900s. It is based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.[6]

National Refinery Limited, Karachi (NRL)[edit]

The Attock Oil Group of Companies through the process of Privatization has acquired 51% shareholding of National Refinery Limited, Karachi with Management control and thus became the largest Group having huge investment in Oil & Gas and Refining sector of Pakistan. National Refinery Limited (NRL) was incorporated as a Public Limited Company at Karachi in 1963.[7] NRL is a petroleum refining and petrochemical complex producing a wide range of fuels, lubes, BTX (petrochemicals), asphalts and specialty products for domestic consumption and export. NRL has crude oil processing capacity of 2,710,500 tonnes per annum (TPA), its lube refineries have a designed production capacity of 176,200 TPA of lube base oils (LBO) and its BTX unit has a designed production capacity of 25,000 TPA. NRL enjoys a competitive edge as it is the only refinery producing lube base oils in Pakistan.[7]

Attock Petroleum Limited (APL)[edit]

Attock Petroleum Limited (APL), sponsored by the Pharaon Commercial Investment Group Limited and Attock Oil Group of Companies, started its operations in 1997. APL is the only OMC in Pakistan belonging to a Group involved in Oil Exploration, Production and Refining. Over the last five years, APL has expanded its retail outlet network at an appreciable pace with its 128th Retail Outlet already commissioned in December 2005. Further, with its latest Storage Terminal at Rawalpindi and planned storage terminals at Mehmood Kot, Machike, Taru Jabba and Port Bin Qasim. APL has become a major exporter of petroleum products including road bitumen to Afghanistan and is also facilitating export of Naphtha to Middle East, Far East and South Asia. APL also offers a wide range of petroleum products and lubricants. It is also registered with Afghan Investment Support Agency (AISA) to operate in Afghanistan as an OMC and has established its office in Kabul. Attock Petroleum is a market leader in Pakistan in non-energy products like asphalt and operates two asphalt making refineries.[8]

Attock Cement Pakistan Limited (ACPL)[edit]

Attock Cement Pakistan Limited (ACPL) was incorporated in Pakistan on October 14, 1981 as a Public Limited Company and is listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange. The company started its commercial production on June 1, 1988. ACPL's current production capacity is 2,400 MTPD. Due to an overall surge in cement demand in the country over the last couple of years coupled by growth in regional market, ACPL has decided to increase its production capacity to 5,400 MTPD by setting up a new plant with a capacity of 3,000 MTPD. The new plant was scheduled to be completed and start trial production by January 2007.[9] Attock Cement is considered a mid-sized cement company in Pakistan due to the size of its operations. Its manufacturing plant is located in Hub Tehsil, Balochistan and it sells its products under Falcon brand cement.[10]


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