Audi Type M

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Audi Type M
Audi Typ M (1924 - 1928).JPG
Manufacturer Audi-Werke
Also called Audi 18/70
Production 1924-1927
Assembly Zwickau, Germany
Layout FR
Wheelbase 3,750 mm (148 in)
Predecessor Audi Type K
Successor Audi Type R

The Audi Type M was a large, well constructed, reliable, fast and very expensive car first presented at the Berlin Motor Show in 1923 and produced by Audi between 1924 and 1927.[1]

The vehicle had a six-cylinder in-line engine with 4,655 cc of displacement. The engine incorporated several innovative features including overhead valves. It developed a maximum of 70 PS (51 kW; 69 hp) at 3,000 rpm. Power was transmitted to the rear wheels through a four-speed transmission. The engine had an eight-bearing crankshaft, forced lubrication with oil cooler and a thermostat-controlled water cooling. The car had two leaf-sprung solid axles and four wheel hydraulic brakes. It was the first Audi with four-wheel brakes.[2]

The Type M's first presentation, at the 1923 Motor Show, was accompanied by a press release which boasted that "Audi is one of those German automakers that believes doing the job properly is more important than price" („Die Audi-Werke zählen zu jenen deutschen Automobilfabriken, welche die Preisfrage hinter die konstruktive Aufgabe zurückstellen“).[3] This approach may have helped to win the car more admirers, but paying customers were harder to find. The Type M came with a manufacturer's recommended retail price of 22,300 Marks for a large six-light "Pullman-Limousine" bodied vehicle. The car was expensive and reportedly brought Audi very close to bankruptcy. 228 were produced, plus two prototypes.


Production 1925-1928
Engine 6 Cylinder, 4 Stroke
Bore x Stroke 90 mm (3.5 in) x 122 mm (4.8 in)
Capacity 4655 cc
Power 70 PS (51 kW; 69 hp)
Top Speed 120 km/h (75 mph)
Empty Weight 2,500 kg (5,512 lb) (Chassis)
Electrical 12 Volt
Wheelbase 3,750 mm (147.6 in)
Track Front/Rear 1,450 mm (57.1 in) / 1,450 mm (57.1 in)


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