Audrey Ruth Briggs

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Audrey Ruth Briggs
Audrey Ruth Briggs

Alma materNewnham College, Cambridge
Spouse(s)Oliver Churchill
ChildrenToby Churchill
RelativesDavid Briggs (brother)

Audrey Ruth Briggs (1920–2005) was a cryptanalyst at Bletchley Park during the Second World War.[1]


Ruth Briggs was the youngest daughter of Rev. Canon George Wallace Briggs.[2] She had two sisters and two brothers, one of whom, David, became Headmaster of King's College School, Cambridge.[2]

She graduated in Modern Languages from Newnham College, Cambridge and from 1942-1945, as an expert in German, worked at Bletchley Park as a member of the Z Watch, which translated the decrypted messages.[3][4][5][6][7] She worked variously in Huts 4 and 5, Block A(N), and Naval Section NS I - German Cryptography.[3][5]

Briggs's work has been recognised in breaking codes used by the Axis powers during the war.[8] About 75% of the Bletchley Park staff were women but few female codebreakers were recognised for their work.[5][9]

In 1946 she married former SOE Officer Major Oliver Churchill DSO MC in Worcester Cathedral where her father was a Canon, and her oldest son is Toby Churchill.


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