2013 Islamabad hostage crisis

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2013 Islamabad hostage crisis
Location Islamabad, Pakistan
Date August 15, 2013 (2013-08-15)
Attack type
Hostage crisis
Deaths 0
Non-fatal injuries
1 (the perpetrator)
Perpetrators Malik Muhammed Sikander

On August 15, 2013, a hostage crisis occurred in Islamabad, Pakistan, in the Blue Area of the city. Malik Muhammed Sikander took one woman and two children hostage, purported to be his wife and children. The event ended after six hours due to the intervention of Zamarud Khan and the shooting of Sikander.


Islamabad had been on high alert for the ten days preceding the event, as intelligence suggested a high likelihood of terrorist activity. The week prior to the crisis, the Quetta mosque attack had taken place, however the police quickly eliminated this as an organized terrorist operation.[1]


On August 15, 2013, Malik Muhammad Sikandar stole a car and eluded several police officers.[1] He eventually drove into the middle of Constitution Avenue.[2] Police on the scene were initially unable to arrest the man. According to Inspector General of Police Sikandar Hayat, the gunman made seven demands during early negotiations, including the imposition of Shariah in the country and safe passage for his family.[1] Some demands were illegal and others beyond the ability of police to provide. The police conducted several rounds of negotiations without result. The incident was televised live over a six-hour period.[3]

Several politicians attempted to negotiate with the hostage-taker, without success.[1][2] Zamarud Khan was also watching the situation and travelled to the scene where he obtained permission to approach the gunman. Khan approached the family and exchanged a few words with the gunman. While shaking hands with the children, Khan made a sudden attempt to capture the man, but lost his footing. The gunman fired several shots, but Khan escaped injury. Khan rushed towards the children and moved them away from danger. Available police then fired at the gunman's legs, injuring him, and he fell to the ground.[1] He was arrested and taken to hospital for treatment.[4]


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