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Augustalis (Latin for "imperial, belonging to/representing the Augustus"), may refer to:

  • Augustalis, a medieval coin
  • the day of the Augustalia
  • those who led the first ranks of an army
  • certain Roman magistrates in cities
  • any one of the officers of the Emperor's palace
  • one of the priests who oversaw the games performed in honor of Augustus; see Sodales Augustales
  • flamen Augustalis, the flamen of the deified Augustus
  • Praefectus augustalis, the governor of Egypt
  • Threnodia Augustalis, a poem by John Dryden on the death of Charles II
  • Liber Augustalis, or the Constitutions of Melfi
  • Augustalis (bishop), the first bishop of Toulon, according to some sources, and possibly also the author of a tract calculating the date of Easter
  • Mermessus augustalis, a species of spider in the genus Mermessus