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Henri Auguste Ménégaux (17 May 1857 – 15 July 1937) was a French ornithologist and malacologist born in Audincourt. He was based at the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle in Paris. From 1910, with Louis Denise (1863-1914), he was publisher of the journal, Revue Française d'Ornithologie Scientifique et Pratique.[1]

In 1899 he supported his graduate thesis at the Sorbonne with a dissertation on marine bivalves titled Recherches sur la circulation des Lamellibranches marins. In 1901 he replaced Eugène de Pousargues (1859-1901) as assistant to Émile Oustalet (1844-1905) at the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle (mammals and birds). Later he became deputy director of the laboratory headed by Édouard Louis Trouessart (1842-1927).

His studies included birds collected by the French Antarctic Expedition commanded by Jean-Baptiste Charcot (1867-1936). In 1912 he became a founder of the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux (League for the Protection of Birds).

Written works[edit]

  • Les oiseaux de France (Birds of France); four volumes
  • Etude des especes critiques et des types du groupe des Passereaux tracheophones de l'Amerique tropicale appartenant aux collections du Museum, 1906
  • Voyage de M. Guy Babault dans l'Afrique orientale anglaise et dans l'Ouganda : etude d'une collection d'oiseaux de l'Afrique orientale anglaise et de l'Ouganda, 1923.[2]


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