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Aula Simfonia Jakarta is a 1200-capacity concert hall in Kemayoran, Jakarta.

It is part of the Reformed Millennium Center Indonesia development, a development consisting of a megachurch, art gallery, library, school and theological college. Its principal conductor and artistic director is a Chinese Indonesian evangelist, Stephen Tong.[1] Jahja Ling, an Indonesian-Chinese of American citizenship, is artistic consultant.

The hall has featured not only Western classical but also Balinese gamelan performances.[2] It features Indonesia's largest pipe organ, built by Casavant Frères.[3]


Aula Simfonia Jakarta, officially opened in 2009. Both local and international musicians have performed in this hall. Hall Simfonia Jakarta was established without any funding from the government.


This concert hall has never required any use of speakers during live music performances. Layout and design of the hall has been carefully made with a strategically layered ceiling to amplify the sound, as well as filtering out excess noise to achieve the rarely-accomplished 35 dB (decibels).[citation needed]

The pipe organ is one of the oldest musical instruments with the most intricately-made components in the world. Aula Simfonia Jakarta possesses a Cassavant Freres production from 1962 with 3217 pipes, with a total weight of more than 10 tons. Some of the organ pipes are used as a main decoration on the wall behind the music hall stage.


Aula Simfonia Jakarta is dominated by brown tones with different types of wood finishes, surrounded by paintings of celebrated composers and varied statues representing well-known musical instruments, illuminated by a crystal chandelier over the center stage.


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