Aurelius Anicius Symmachus

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Anicius Aurelius Symmachus (fl. 415-420) was a politician of the Western Roman Empire.


He belonged to the Roman families of the Anicii and of the Symmachi; he was probably a relative of Quintus Aurelius Symmachus, perhaps the son of a brother or sister who had married a member of Anicii.[1]

In 415 he was proconsul of Africa;[2] he obtained, in this capacity, the right to receive appeals.[3]

Between 24 December 418 and January 420 he was praefectus urbi of Rome; in this capacity he wrote to the court regarding issues related to succession to Pope Zosimus, who had died two days after the beginning of Symmachus' office. He also restored a market in Ostia[4] and one of the Roman forums.[5]



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