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Single by Equipe 84
from the album 'Bang bang'
LabelDischi Ricordi
Songwriter(s)Francesco Guccini
Equipe 84 singles chronology
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"29 settembre"

"Auschwitz" is a song composed by Francesco Guccini , and performed by Equipe 84.[1] Although the song was written by Guccini[2] it was credited to Lunero and Maurizio Vandelli as the author was not a member of the SIAE. The following year the song was recorded by Francesco Guccini and included in the LP Folk beat n. 1, with the title La canzone del bambino nel vento (Auschwitz) (The song of the child in the wind).[3]

Inspiration and content[edit]

Guccini had the inspiration to address the holocaust theme following the reading of the essay by Edward Russell, 2nd Baron Russell of Liverpool The Scourge of the swastika: A Short History of Nazi War Crimes (Also translated into Italian in 1955)[4] and from the autobiographical novel by Vincenzo Pappalettera Tu passerai per il camino[5] where he had recounted his memoirs about his stay in the Mauthausen concentration camp.[6]

The text is narrated by two voices: the protagonist, a child who in the Auschwitz concentration camp "died with another hundred, passed through a chimney and is now in the wind". The second item is that of the author who poses some rhetoric questions to which there is no answer.

Track listing[edit]

  • 7" single – SRL 10-438
  1. "Bang bang" – an Italian cover of "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" (Sonny BonoAlessandro Colombini and Miki Del Prete) – 2:25
  2. "Auschwitz" (F. Guccini) – 3:47


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