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Austin Kleon

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Austin Kleon
Kleon at the 2015 Texas Book Festival
Born (1983-06-16) June 16, 1983 (age 41)
Alma materMiami University

Austin Kleon (born June 16, 1983[1]) is a New York Times bestselling author[2] of five books: Steal Like an Artist; Show Your Work!; Keep Going; Steal Like An Artist Journal; and Newspaper Blackout.[3][4][5]

Kleon's works focus on creativity in today's world. He has spoken at organizations such as Pixar, Google, and TEDx,[6][7] and at conferences such as The Economist's Human Potential Summit and SXSW.[8]

Early life and Education[edit]

On June 16, 1983, Kleon was born in Circleville, Ohio, United States. His father was an associate professor at Ohio State University while his mother was a school counsellor and later a school principal. Kleon has two half brothers and a step sister. He graduated as a valedictorian in high school.[9][1][10] Thereafter, he attended Miami University in Ohio.[10]


Kleon started his career in a public library in Cleveland, Ohio. While working in a library, Kleon became a blogger and posted his poems. Kleon also taught library users how to use computers.[10] Kleon taught himself HTML and CSS. In Austin, Texas, Kleon became a web designer for the law school at University of Texas.[10] After Kleon's first book, Newspaper Blackout, was published in 2010, he became a copywriter for Spring box, a digital ad agency.[10]

Kleon's work has been translated into over a dozen languages and featured on major media.[11] He publishes a weekly newsletter to 195.000 subscribers.[12]

Personal life and Influences[edit]

Kleon lives in Austin, Texas with his family.[10]

Returning inspirations to his blog are Lynda Barry and Rob Walker.[13]

A notable interest of his lies in library tourism, often imploring his readers to seek out a library card and check out the wide-variety of free offerings available at local institutions.[14]


  • Newspaper Blackout (2010)
  • Steal Like An Artist (2012)
  • Show Your Work! (2014)
  • The Steal Like An Artist Journal (2015)
  • Keep Going (2019)


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