Austral parakeet

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Austral parakeet
Austral parakeet
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Psittaciformes
Superfamily: Psittacoidea
Family: Psittacidae
Subfamily: Arinae
Tribe: Arini
Genus: Enicognathus
Species: E. ferrugineus
Binomial name
Enicognathus ferrugineus
(Müller, 1776)

Microsittace ferrugineus[2]

The austral parakeet, austral conure, or emerald parakeet (Enicognathus ferrugineus) is a parrot found from the southern tip of South America – further south than any other parrot – to as far north as Temuco. It is a fairly large conure, 35 cm (2 cm more than a monk or quaker parakeet). It is primarily green, lightly barred, with some dull red on the forehead and lores, belly, and upper tail, with the northern part of the range displaying less red.

It occurs mostly in wooded country, but also shrubland and farmland. It stays near sea level in the extreme south, but ranges up to 2000 m at the northern end of its range. Flock size is usually only 10–15 individuals, though flocks over 100 are known. It eats grass and bamboo seeds, nuts, and small fruit, and nests in tree cavities.

There are two recognized subspecies, Enicognathus ferrugineus ferrugineus and Enicognathus ferrugineus minor.


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