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The Australian Amateur Football Council is the governing body of amateur Australian football in the states of Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania in Australia. The council was formed in 1933.


The council organises amateur interstate and international representative matches and is responsible for several amateur leagues, including the Victorian Amateur Football Association, South Australian Amateur Football League, Western Australian Amateur Football League.

Not all Australian amateur leagues are represented. The Northern Tasmanian Football Association has been a member in the past and a U23 All-Australian team played an open Tasmanian team in 2007. The Top End Australian Football Association and AFLQ State Association and Sydney AFL are not members of the AAFC. These leagues do not follow as strict criteria of "amateur".

Many of these leagues have rules and interpretations which differ from the Laws of Australian Football and the way that the game is played at professional level. One example is the use of red and yellow cards (as in soccer) and the 25-metre penalty instead of the AFL's 50 metres.

Additionally, while players are often required to sign "transfers" when switching between many other leagues, they do not need to do so for amateur leagues affiliated with the AAFC. However, during player registration, most leagues affiliated with the AAFC request statements of a clean history (no major reports or lifetime bans) and that they are not being paid to play elsewhere.

The AAFC's international tours have included under 17 AAFC tours to Ireland to play International Rules Football against Gaelic Athletic Associations are one example of this.

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