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The Australian Champion Racehorse of the Year is awarded to the Thoroughbred horse who is voted to be the champion horse within an Australian racing season. This award is open to all racehorses racing within Australia, regardless of age and sex, and includes overseas performances.

This award originally started as the VRC Award and was renamed Australia's Champion Racehorse in 1982. A separate award was voted on between 1976/77 and 1993/4 by the ARMA with the only variations being Gurner's Lane (1982/3) and Bonecrusher (1986/7). The voting bodies combined from 1993/4.

Black Caviar, Sunline and Winx have won the award three times.

Australian Champion Racehorse of the Year[1]
Season Horse Age Sex Sire Dam
2017-2018 Winx (Aus)[2] 6yo M Street Cry (IRE) Vegas Showgirl (NZ)
2016-2017 Winx (Aus) 5yo M Street Cry (IRE) Vegas Showgirl (NZ)
2015-2016 Winx (Aus)[3] 4yo M Street Cry (IRE) Vegas Showgirl (NZ)
2014-2015 Dissident (Aus)[4] 4yo C Sebring (Aus) Diana's Secret (Aus)
2013-2014 Lankan Rupee (Aus)[5] 5yo G Redoute's Choice Estelle Collection (NZ)
2012-2013 Black Caviar (Aus)[6] 6yo M Bel Esprit (Aus) Helsinge (Aus)
2011-2012 Black Caviar (Aus)[7] 5yo M Bel Esprit (Aus) Helsinge (Aus)
2010-2011 Black Caviar (Aus)[8] 4yo M Bel Esprit (Aus) Helsinge (Aus)
2009-2010 Typhoon Tracy (Aus)[9] 5yo M Red Ransom (USA) Tracy's Element (Aus)
2008-2009 Scenic Blast (Aus)[10] 5yo G Scenic (Ire) Daughters Charm (Aus)
2007-2008 Weekend Hussler (Aus) 3yo G Hussonet (USA) Weekend Beauty (Aus)
2006-2007 Miss Andretti (Aus) 6yo M Ihtiram (Ire) Peggie's Bid (Aus)
2005-2006 Makybe Diva (GB) 7yo M Desert King (Ire) Tugela (USA)
2004-2005 Makybe Diva (GB) 6yo M Desert King (Ire) Tugela (USA)
2003-2004 Lonhro (Aus) 5yo H Octagonal (NZ) Shadea (NZ)
2002-2003 Northerly (Aus) 6yo G Serheed (USA) North Bell (Aus)
2001-2002 Sunline (NZ) 6yo M Desert Sun (GB) Songline (NZ)
2000-2001 Sunline (NZ) 5yo M Desert Sun (GB) Songline (NZ)
1999-2000 Sunline (NZ) 4yo M Desert Sun (GB) Songline (NZ)
1998-1999 Might and Power (NZ) 5yo G Zabeel (NZ) Benediction (Ire)
1997-1998 Might and Power (NZ) 4yo G Zabeel (NZ) Benediction (Ire)
1996-1997 Saintly (Aus) 4yo G Sky Chase (NZ) All Grace (NZ)
1995-1996 Octagonal (NZ) 3yo C Zabeel (NZ) Eight Carat (GB)
1994-1995 Jeune (GB) 6yo H Kalaglow (Ire) Youthful (Fr)
1993-1994 Mahogany (Aus) 3yo G Last Tycoon (Ire) Alshandegha (USA)
1992-1993 Veandercross (NZ) 4yo G Crossways (GB) Lavender (NZ)
1991-1992 Let's Elope (NZ) 4yo M Nassipour (USA) Sharon Jane (NZ)
1990-1991 Better Loosen Up (Aus) 5yo G Loosen Up (USA) Better Fantasy (Aus)
1989-1990 Almaarad (Ire) 7yo H Ela-Mana-Mou (Ire) Silk Blend (Ire)
1988-1989 Research (Aus) 3yo F Imperial Prince (Ire) Outing (Aus)
1987-1988 Beau Zam (NZ) 3yo C Zamazaan (Fr) Belle Cherie (NZ)
1986-1987 Placid Ark (Aus) 3yo C Arkenstone (Aus) Northern Queen (Aus)
1986-1987 Bonecrusher* (NZ) 4yo G Pag Asa (Aus) Imitation (NZ)
1985-1986 Bounding Away (Aus) 2yo F Biscay (Aus) Who Can Say (NZ)
1984-1985 Red Anchor (NZ) 3yo H Sea Anchor (Ire) Decoy Girl (GB)
1983-1984 Emancipation (Aus) 4yo M Bletchingly (Aus) Ammo Girl (Aus)
1982-1983 Strawberry Road (Aus) 3yo C Whiskey Road (USA) Giftisa (NZ)
1982-1983 Gurner's Lane* (NZ) 4yo G Sir Tristram (Ire) Taiona (NZ)
1981-1982 Rose Of Kingston (Aus) 3yo F Claude (Ity) Kingston Rose (Aus)
1980-1981 Hyperno (NZ) 7yo G Rangong (GB) Mikarla (NZ)
1979-1980 Kingston Town (Aus) 3yo G Bletchingly (Aus) Ada Hunter (Ger)
1978-1979 Manikato (Aus) 3yo G Mahini (Aus) Markato (Aus)
1977-1978 Maybe Mahal (Aus) 5yo M Maybe Lad (Aus) Faithfully Yours (Aus)
1976-1977 Surround (NZ) 3yo F Sovereign Edition (Ire) Micheline (NZ)
1975-1976 Lord Dudley (Aus) 3yo C Right Honourable II (GB) Jane Hero (Aus)
1974-1975 Leilani (NZ) 4yo M Oncidium (GB) Lei (NZ)
1973-1974 Taj Rossi (Aus) 3yo C Matrice (Aus) Dark Queen (Aus)
1972-1973 Dayana (NZ) 3yo G Oncidium (GB) Dicidiana (NZ)
1971-1972 Gunsynd (Aus) 5yo H Sunset Hue (Aus) Woodie Wonder (Aus)
1970-1971 Gay Icarus (Aus) 4yo G Icarus (GB) Gay M'Selle (Aus)
1969-1970 Vain (Aus) 3yo C Wilkes (Fr) Elated (Aus)
1968-1969 Rain Lover (Aus) 4yo H Latin Lover (GB) Rain Spot (Aus)

* Two awards made in 1982-83 & 1986-87 with ARMA selecting different winner

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