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Example of a basic auto clicker GUI

Auto clickers are a type of software or macro that can be used to automate clicking. They can be triggered to generate input that was recorded earlier or generated from various current settings.

Auto clickers can be as simple as a program that simulates mouse clicking. This type of auto-clicker is fairly generic and will often work alongside any other computer program running at the time and acting as though a physical mouse button is pressed.

More complex auto clickers can similarly be as general, but often are custom-made for use with one particular program and involve memory reading. Such auto clickers may allow the user to automate most or all mouse functions, as well as simulate a full set of keyboard inputs. Custom-made auto clickers may have a narrower scope than a generic auto clicker.

Auto clickers or also called Automation software programs may also have features enabling response conditional reactions, as well as keyboard input.

Controversial usage[edit]

Auto clickers are one of the problems online advertising companies such as Google face because of their pay per click advertising system. Competitors of different companies can use this to raise the advertising budgets of their rivals by clicking on their advertisement link many times. This is known as click fraud.

Another controversial use of auto clickers is for cheating in video games. High-speed or repetitive clicking may be required in some games to complete certain objectives or quests. Auto clickers are frequently used for Incremental games, where the aim of the game consists of repetitive clicking. Some games attempt to patch their games against known auto clickers, preventing the games from running when auto clickers are detected, but auto clickers can similarly be patched against the game patch.