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Automated Logic Corporation is located in Kennesaw, Georgia, and manufactures building automation systems.

Several of its technological innovations include: EIKON, a uniquely powerful, universal programming tool; SuperVision, a Graphical User Interface (GUI); ALERT alarm management; Connect third-party subsystem integration; I/O Hardware including controllers and routers; and WebCTRL®. WebCTRL is a Browser-based building automation system through which users can fully access their buildings' schedules, setpoints, trends, alarms, and other control functions from virtually any computer, anywhere in the world. Users can also control their buildings with WebCTRL from wireless devices such as a WAP cell phone. WebCTRL supports multiple languages simultaneously and includes a powerful spreadsheet-based reporting tool. A native BACnet system, WebCTRL interfaces with LonWorks, Modbus and many other protocols to provide an integrated solution to building control needs. WebCTRL is certified by the BACnet Testing Laboratory as BACnet Advanced Workstation Software.

Automated Logic systems are installed in commercial office buildings, industrial plants, critical mission facilities, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, government complexes, hospitality/entertainment venues and retail locations worldwide.

Products are sold through an international network of dealers who design, engineer, install and support Automated Logic products. Automated Logic Corporation was acquired by the Carrier Corporation (parent: United Technologies Corporation.) in 2004.

As a founding member of the BACnet Manufacturers Association, Automated Logic was one of the first to offer products using the industry’s standard protocol – BACnet.

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