Yétis du Mont-Blanc

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Yétis du Mont-Blanc
Avalanche Mont-Blanc logo.png
Nickname Yétis
City Saint-Gervais and Megève France
League Division 1 (2011-present)
Founded 1986
Home arena Patinoire de Saint-Gervais Patinoire de Megève
(capacity: 1800 & 2900)
President Patrick Sanias
Head coach Christophe Lepers
Website www.hcmontblanc.com
Franchise history

Hockey Club Mont-Blanc

  • Hockey Club du pays du Mont-Blanc (1986-02)

St. Gervais-Megève Hockey Club (also known as Yétis du Mont-Blanc) is a French ice hockey club that plays in Division 1, France's second-highest ice hockey league. They formed as a merger of clubs Megève and Saint-Gervais.


The team was founded in 1986 and plays home games at the arenas of Saint-Gervais and Megève.

They won two French championships in 1987 and 1988, the first two seasons after the merger. Additionally, Megève was champion in 1984 and Saint-Gervais in 1969, 1974, 1975, 1983, 1985, and 1986.

Former nickname : Avalanche Mont-Blanc.

Former players[edit]

  • Matt Amado
  • Brandon Card
  • Jean-Philippe Carey
  • Alexandre Gagnon
  • Jonathan Provencher
Czech Republic
  • Ales Cerny
  • Mathias Arnaud
  • Numa Besson
  • Henri-Corentin Buysse
  • Sébastien Borini
  • Arthur Cocar
  • Christopher Lepers
  • Clément Masson
  • Alexandre Vincent
  • Edgars Adamovičs
  • Garip Saliji

Former coaches[edit]

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