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This is a list of characters featured in the Baahubali franchise which consists of 2 films, a novel, a comic and an announced television series. They are all characters which have appeared in the The Beginning (2015), The Conclusion (2017) and the novel The Rise of Sivagami (2017).

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Characters Alphabetical by name[edit]


Amarendra Baahubali[edit]

Amarendra Baahubali, Mahadeva Vikramadeva's son, was born in Mahishmati (Makizhmathi in Tamil). His mother (the then Queen) died while giving birth to him. He was named "Baahubali" by his aunt, Queen Mother Sivagami Devi, who later became his foster mother and raised him. She recognised leadership qualities in him and announces him the king after he completed the challenge set before him. He is envied by Bhallaladeva, who manipulates Sivagami and made her to order Kattapa to kill him for treason. He is loyal and bound by his promise even at the cost of his throne. He is the father of Mahendra Baahubali alias Sivudu. He is stabbed from the back by Kattappa. This character in film series played by Prabhas.


Avantika, a skilled warrior and a member of the rebel group. She later marries Mahendra Baahubali and became the Queen of Mahismati kingdom.[1]

Aslam Khan[edit]

He is a bladesmith from the East, who befriends Kattappa.


Mahendra Baahubali alias Sivudu[edit]

Mahendra Baahubali, was born in Mahishmati on the day his father Amarendra Baahubali was executed by Kattappa and his mother Devasena was held captive by Bhallaladeva. Sivagami later flees with him from the castle to save him from Bhallaladeva. Sivagami later gives up her life to save him. The child is then found by Sangha and her husband and the couple raise him as their own. Many years later, Mahendra climbs the waterfall and eventually enters Mahishmati. He rescues his mother Devasena and slays Bhallaladeva's son. Kattappa relates Baahubali the story of his heritage. Upon learning the truth, Baahubali arouses the people of Mahishmati to revolt against Bhallaladeva. In the ensuing battle, Bhallaladeva and Baahubali engage in a duel. Both are injured, but Baahubali proves himself to be the stronger of the two and defeats Bhallaladeva. Baahubali's mother finishes Bhallaladeva by immolating him alive. Baahubali later becomes the king of Mahismati. He is later shown speaking the catchphrase of Sivagami. He marries Avantika. He is as strongest as his father and like him he too is loyal, realistic, practical, wise, and valiant.[2]


Marthanda is killed by Sivagami, after he commits treason by secretly colluding with other ministers to make himself to become the King of Mahismati.


Bhallaladeva or Palvaalthevan[edit]

He is the king of Mahismati. He is a renowned fighter, the elder son of Sivagami and Bijjaladeva. He is envious of Amarendra Baahubali. When he is made King, he relieves Amarendra of his official duties and later convinces Sivagami that Amarendra is trying to assassinate him. Bhallaladeva takes Devasena as prisoner and frequently taunts her in her captive. He is killed by on a pyre prepared by Devasena.

Bijjaladeva or Pingalathevan[edit]

He is the husband of Sivagami and father of Bhallaladeva. Former prince of Mahismati, during the reign of his father, Somadeva. He was replaced by his younger brother as the king of Mahishmati, who was also the father of Amarendra Baahubali, hence his hatred for him. He was a known womanizer during his youthful days. He is the one who hatches plans for his son Bhallaladeva. He believes that he was deprived of his birthright crown because he was physically challenged. His gnawing hatred led him to engineer plots to overthrow his brother's rule over Mahismati.


Bhadrudu is the son of Bhallaladeva. It has not been revealed who his mother is/was. He is killed by Sivudu while rescuing Devasena from Ballaladeva. Director Rajamouli later revealed that Bhadrudu was adopted by Bhallaladeva to be his heir.



Princess of Kunthala Kingdom, Devasena is a skilled fighter and a great archer. Amarendra Baahubali falls in love with Devasena during a visit to Kuntala kingdom. Devasena reciprocates the same feeling towards him.[3] Devasena marries Baahubali, with whom she has a child, Mahendra Baahubali.

Bhallaladeva wanted Devasena's hand in marriage and made his mother Sivagami promise that he would get married to Devasena. Devasena (now in love with Baahubali) rejected the marriage proposal by Bhallaladeva and chose Baahubali instead. Furious Sivagami then declares Bhallaladeva the new king of Mahishmathi.

Baahubali eventually dies in the hands of Kattappa, his trusted companion. On the day Baahubali died, Devasena gives birth to Mahendra Baahubali. Sivagami eventually learns about Bhallaladeva's treachery and orders him to be executed. Bhallaladeva orders his men to capture Devasena while Sivagami flees with baby Mahendra in her arms.

Devasena was then tormented for the next 25 years. During her time in captivity, she prepares a pyre for Bhalla. Devasena would eventually be freed by her son Mahendra Baahubali (now called Sivudu/Shiva). Her son, Sivudu, after learning about his father's heritage and demise, sets out to avenge his father's death.

After Bhallaladeva's death Devasena becomes the new Queen mother and announces Mahendra Baahubali as the new king of Mahishmathi.



Rajamatha (Queen Mother) Sivagami was the former regent of the Mahishmati kingdom. She is a skilled fighter feared by her enemies and seen to have thwarted enemies' plot to overthrow the Mahismati kingdom. She is a true leader who treats everyone equally, including her son and nephew. Sivagami became the foster mother of Amarendra Baahubali whose mother, the Queen of Mahishmathi, died after giving birth to him.

Sivagami raises both Amarendra Baahubali and Bhallaladeva to be worthy heirs of throne and when the time comes she decides to make one of them to be a king of Mahishmathi. After a war with Kalakeyas, Sivagami proclaims Baahubali as the new king of Mahishmathi. She is manipulated by her husband Bijjaladeva and son Bhallaladeva, who forced her to order Kattappa to kill Amarendra Baahubali, her nephew.[1] She sacrifices her life in the attempt to save the child of Amarendra Bahubali from Bhallaladeva's treachery.

Her father was ordered to be executed for treason by Somadeva, Bijjaladeva's father.


Bhallaladeva's loyal friend, who is later made chief lieutenant of Mahishmati by him. During Devasena's visit to the temple, he gropes several common women, to which disgusted Devasena cuts his fingers when he is about to do same to her. When Devasena stood for trial before King Bhallaladeva for cutting off his fingers, Baahubali beheads him, showing his way of dispensing justice.


A tribal woman who adopts Mahendra Baahubali after the villagers spot him in the river held by Sivagami. She is a dominating wife to her husband and holds a powerful position in her tribe. She is known to be highly religious.


Traitor, who steals Mahismati's war secrets from the vault and handed it over to the ruthless Kalakeyas. He fled to Singapuram, subsequently captured by Baahubali and Bhallaladeva.



Kattapa is a skilled warrior and a loyal slave to the Mahishmati kingdom. Kattapa's forefathers, beginning with Uggraappa, pledged their allegiance and loyalty to the rulers of Mahismati for their assistance in avenging against Vaithalikas. He was appointed as the royal bodyguard of Bijjaladeva by the incumbent king, Somadeva, after he saved the lives of Bijjaladeva and Mahadeva.


Jaya Varma[edit]

King Jaya Varma is the king of Kunthala Kingdom and brother of Princess Devasena. After his entire Kingdom is destroyed completely by Bhallaladeva, Jaya Varma forms a rebellious group, to free Devasena. He is later killed by Bhallaladeva in the war


Kumara Varma[edit]

Kumara Varma is the brother of King Jayasena's unnamed wife. Initially a coward, his confidence is boosted by Amarendra Baahubali during Pindaris' attack on the Kunthala Kingdom. He also had feelings for Devasena. He is killed by Bijjaladeva when he tries to kill Bhallaladeva as a part of their plan to manipulate Sivagami to kill Amarendra Baahubali.



Avantika's friend and a member of the rebel group formed by now-ousted Kuntala king, Jaya Varma to rescue Devasena.



He is the king of Kalakeyas, a tribe residing in a kingdom south of Mahismati. He is killed by Bhallaladeva in the war.