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Aviamilano Costruzione Aeronautiche
Aircraft manufacturer
FateLiquidated on the death of the Managing Director
Foundedearly 1950s
HeadquartersMilan, Italy
Key people
Mario Vietri - Managing Director / Owmer
ProductsLight aircraft and gliders / sailplanes

Aviamilano Costruzione Aeronautiche was an Italian aircraft manufacturer established in Milan in the early 1950s. It was the original manufacturer of Stelio Frati's Falco light aircraft, although when production did not run as smoothly as Frati liked, he took the design to Aeromere instead. Aviamilano's staple product was the Scricciolo trainer built for the Aero Club d'Italia from 1959 onwards. The firm's final product was another Frati design, the F.250, rights to which were sold to SIAI-Marchetti in 1964. The firm closed in 1968 after the death of its Managing Director and the rights to the few sailplanes then in production were bought by Caproni Vizzola.


Aviamilano F8L Falco Series 1.
Summary of aircraft built by Aviamilano
Model name First flight Number built Type
CPV1 1963 1 High performance sailplane
A2 1964 5 Standard-class sailplane
A3 1965 1 Open-class sailplane
Falco I 1955 10 (by Avamilano) High-performance 2-seater touring aircraft
Falco II 1? High-performance 2-seater touring aircraft
Nibbio 16 January 1958 11 4-seater cabin monoplane
Scricciolo 13 December 1959 51 Light civil training aircraft
F.250 1964 1 (by Avaimilano) 2-seat side-by-side military trainer
F.260 15 July 1964 2 (by Avaimilano), 860+ total 2-seat side-by-side military trainer and light attack aircraft

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