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An Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) is an Australian identification card that shows that the holder of the card has undergone a security check and is suitable to enter a secure area of an Australian Airport. Security checks are performed by AusCheck (part of the Attorney General's Department) and include a criminal records check undertaken by the Australian Federal Police, a security assessment conducted by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and an unlawful non-citizen check conducted by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).[1] An ASIC is required for all personnel working at a security controlled airport in Australia. Personnel requiring access to a secure airport who are under the age of 18 are required to display an ASIC however issuing bodies can not apply for a security check. An ASIC has to be renewed every two years except for someone who has applied for an ASIC before they turned 18 in which case an ASIC is valid until 6 months after the person's 18th birthday. Only people with an operational need to enter a secure airport may apply for an ASIC. The goal of the ASIC is not just to prevent terrorist activities at airports but to ensure aircraft, equipment and facilities can not be tampered with.

The ASIC is a program similar to the Maritime Security Identification Card program found in the maritime and offshore industries.

Systems similar to ASIC identification card system exists in Canada (known as Restricted Area Identity Card or RAIC), New Zealand (known as the Airport Identity Card) and in the United States (known as Security identification display area or SIDA).


ASIC holders are required to follow specific conditions otherwise they risk losing their ASIC or even face Federal Prosecution.[2]

ASIC Features[edit]

An Aviation Security Identification Card comes with very noticeable features to make it obvious to the eye, but also to protect from fraud.

The most common type of ASIC is bright red (suitable for entrance to Security Restricted Areas (SRA) and secure areas), however there are also grey variations (secure areas). ASIC Security features include:

  • A large mugshot of the ASIC holder to clearly identify them.
  • The area the ASIC is valid, typically an individual airport such as SYD or MEL, or if Australia wide, the prefix AUS.
  • The holders name and Aviation Reference Number (ARN).
  • A silver Holographic strip with the word 'ASIC' clearly printed and the outlines of an aircraft and Australia.