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Dr. Avshalom Kor (Hebrew: אבשלום קור‎) (born 17 September 1950) is an Israeli linguist and expert on Hebrew grammar and semantics.[1]

He is known to provide upon request, the grammatical root of any given Hebrew word and/or name along with its Biblical origins and contextual references.

He is probably best known as an authority on the gender of Hebrew words and the proper usage of suffixes and plural extensions.

He has a daily show on Israel army radio (Galey Tzahal) and a weekly show on Israeli TV Channel 1.

He also made a guest appearance in Episode 14 Season 3 of Srugim.[2]

Published books[edit]

  • (2004). Ṭeḳes ha-azkarah ha-mamlakhti li-Reḥavʻam Zeʼevi: 4 be-Ḥeshṿan 765, 19.10.04 Har Hertsl. Yerushalayim, Maṭeh ha-hasbarah.
  • (1994) הגיע זמן לשון : מבחר תכניות מסדרת הטלויזיה ערוץ 1, רשות השידור (Higiʻa zeman lashon). [Ramat Gan], Kineret.
  • (1986) יופי של עברית (Yofi shel ʻIvrit). Tel-Aviv, Sifriyat Maʻariv.
  • (1983). בלצון רב (Be-latson rav). Tel-Aviv, Sifriyat Maʻariv.
  • קור קורא במדבר 1981). (Ḳor ḳore ba-midbar). Tel-Aviv, Sifriyat Maʻariv.
  • (1980).לצונו של אדם־כבודו (Letsono shel adam-kevodo). Tel-Aviv, Sifriyat Maʻariv.


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