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"Desperta Ferro!" redirects here. For the energy drink, see Desperta Ferro! (drink).
Desperta Ferres! Desperta!
Battle of Gagliano (1300)
Crònica de Ramon Muntaner
(Codex 1342)

Awake iron! (Catalan: Desperta Ferro!, IPA: [dəsˈpɛrtə ˈfɛru]; Medieval Catalan: Desperta Ferres!) was a battle cry of the Middle Ages employed by the Almogavars. It was shouted on entering the fight, to frighten the enemy and invoke the presence of iron in the battle.[1]

Other Almogaver war-cries were Aragó, Aragó!, Via Sus! Via Sus!, Sant Jordi! Sant Jordi!. However, of these Desperta Ferro! has emerged as the most famous, as it was unique to those forces. The cry was given as the Almogàvers struck the earth with their lances and darts, causing sparks to fly up from the stones.


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