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the member of county assembly Awasi/ onjiko is Hon Otieno Ogwang', Awasi is a settlement in Kisumu County, Kenya. It is a small center that has grown to become the headquarters of Nyando Sub-county in Kisumu County. The town is also commonly known by the name "Ladhri" a luo word meaning someone who always lacks and would rather depend on "Ladhruok" or begging for help and looking on others for help.

Awasi Town is strategically located in the border betweeeb Nyanza and Rift Valley province hence the name Awasi Border. The town has recently grown substantially due to trade between the Luo and Kalenjin communities among other Kenyan tribes.

Investors have also been able to establish a presence in the town with various companies establishing a strong presence in the town. companies like Gogni Rajope, Steel Mills, among others have made entry in this small town. This shows how confident investors are regarding the town