Aye Thar Yar

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Aye Thar Yar
Aye Thar Yar is located in Myanmar
Aye Thar Yar
Aye Thar Yar
Location in Burma
Coordinates: 20°46′38″N 96°59′56″E / 20.77722°N 96.99889°E / 20.77722; 96.99889Coordinates: 20°46′38″N 96°59′56″E / 20.77722°N 96.99889°E / 20.77722; 96.99889
Country  Myanmar
State  Shan State
District Taunggyi District
Township Taunggyi Township
Time zone MST (UTC+6.30)

Aye Thar Yar or Ayetharyar is a town and resort in the Shan State of eastern Burma. It is located just outside Taunggyi and is a relatively new town. It contains the Technological University of Taunggyi and the Aye Thar Yar Golf Resort.[1][2][3]


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