Districts of Myanmar

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Administrative divisions
of Myanmar
  • District

Myanmars states and regions are divided into 67 districts (Burmese: ခရိုင်; Burmese pronunciation: [kʰəjàiɴ]), which in turn are subdivided into townships then towns, wards and villages.

List of districts by state or region[edit]

Central Burma[edit]

Magway Region[edit]

Mandalay Region[edit]

Naypyidaw Union Territory[edit]

East Burma[edit]

Kayah State[edit]

Shan State[edit]

East Shan State[edit]
North Shan State[edit]
South Shan State[edit]

Lower Burma[edit]

Ayeyarwady Region[edit]

Bago Region[edit]

East Bago Region[edit]
West Bago Region[edit]

Yangon Region[edit]

North Burma[edit]

Kachin State[edit]

Sagaing Region[edit]

South Burma[edit]

Kayin State[edit]

Mon State[edit]

Tanintharyi Region[edit]

West Burma[edit]

Chin State[edit]

Rakhine State[edit]

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