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Ayesha Durgahee (born 8 May 1981 in England) is a British television journalist and a former correspondent on CNN International, based in London.


Ayesha Durgahee holds a postgraduate diploma in broadcast journalism from City University. Her radio piece "Peace on the Streets - an investigation into gun crime" was a runner-up in the Broadcast Journalism Training Council's annual awards ceremony of 2004.[1]


Durgahee has worked as a producer and correspondent with CNN in London since 2005,[2] appearing on CNN International shows such as BackStory and Business Traveller. She didn't appear on-air often before June 2009, when she had what can be considered her breakthrough, starting to frequently cover news stories on-air as correspondent Max Foster was filling in for Fionnuala Sweeney and Becky Anderson at the anchor desk.

Ayesha Durgahee was named Business Travel News Journalist of the Year at the 2010 Business Travel Journalism Awards for her CNN report on the quality of cabin air on flights.[3]

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