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Industry Energy
Headquarters Azerbaijan
Key people

Chairman: Nizami Piriyev.[1][2]

Hidayat Sultanov, Director General[2]

AzMeCo (formally known as the Azerbaijan Methanol Company[3]) is a methanol production company located in Azerbaijan.[4] The company is primarily focused on “petrochemical projects”,[5] specifically the construction and operation of gas and methanol factories.[3] AzMeCo also works on hydrocarbon projects in the Caspian Sea.[1][6] On May 12, 2015, its Chairman Nizami Piriyev was arrested and charged with fraud.



AzMeCo company was founded in 2007.[1]


In November 2012, the International Bank of Azerbaijan, Asia House, and TheCityUK organized a conference known as the Caspian Corridor Conference. The IBA, Asia House, and TheCityUK created a business framework at the conference upon which the future sale and marketing of AzMeCo’s methanol was based.[7]

Additionally, in 2012 BP agreed to buy methanol from AzMeCo.[4] According to petrochemical industry research service Petrochemicals ResearchViews and Azerbaijani newspaper Today.Az, AzMeCo agreed to sell its entire methanol production exclusively to BP.[7][8]


AzMeCo built the first methanol plant in the South Caucasus region and Central Asia, according to Azer News.[6] AzMeCo estimates that the plant will produce 560,000 tonnes of methanol per year.[9] The International Bank of Azerbaijan and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) financed the construction of the plant.[10]


On 12 May 2015, its Chairman, Nizami Piriyev was arrested and charged with fraud and embezzlement of public property. His charges relate to a stringent crack down in Azerbaijan over hundreds of millions of dollars worth of loans, which were misused.[11]


In 2013, the Chairman of AzMeCo told reporters that the company would invest in petrochemical and oil refinery plants in Libya.[8]


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