Aztec Sandstone

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Aztec Sandstone
Stratigraphic range: Early Jurassic
Outcrop of the Aztec Sandstone (Lower Jurassic) at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area near Las Vegas, Nevada.
Type Sedimentary
Underlies Willow Tank Formation[1]
Overlies Chinle Formation
Area Nevada,[2] Arizona, California[3]
Thickness 2100 feet in Goodsprings quadrangle,[2] 2500 feet in Muddy Mountain area[1]
Primary Sandstone
Region Mojave Desert
Type section
Named by D. F. Hewett, 1931[2]

The Aztec Sandstone is a Lower Jurassic geological formation of primarily eolian sand from which fossil pterosaur tracks have been recovered.

Vertebrate paleofauna[edit]

Color key
Taxon Reclassified taxon Taxon falsely reported as present Dubious taxon or junior synonym Ichnotaxon Ootaxon Morphotaxon
Uncertain or tentative taxa are in small text; crossed out taxa are discredited.
Vertebrates of the Aztec Sandstone
Genus Species Location Member Abundance Notes Images




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