B! Machine

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B! Machine
Origin United States
Genres Synthpop, new wave
Years active 1996–present
Labels Wishduck, A Different Drum

B! Machine is a synthpop band from Marin County and San Francisco, California.

The band was formed in 1996, consisting of the sole founding member, writer and musician, Nathaniel Leigh Nicoll. The current line-up of the band varies but typically consists of Nathaniel Nicoll, Mike Hayden, and James Wong. The meaning behind the name B! Machine has been veiled behind the cryptic remarks of "Nate" Nicoll since its inception.


Nathaniel Nicoll formed Doctors With Knives with Mike Hayden after the singer for a prior band called "left unexpectedly." After a number of limited releases, Nicoll formed the then solo project B! Machine primarily as a result of scheduling conflicts resulting from Nicoll's college and graduate school schedule and penchant for spending months of the year living overseas.

B! Machine's first project, "Must Kill", was recorded in 1996-97. This debut, however, was shelved and left uncirculated until after the release of B! Machine's second full-length project "Aftermath", which was distributed by A Different Drum in 1998. Following on the heels of Aftermath, B! Machine signed with A Different Drum. In 1999, they released the full-length CD "Infinity Plus" which featured production by Jarkko Touhimaa of Neuroactive. Infinity Plus, which spawned the singles Temple and Opal, was well received and established B! Machine's reputation as a distinctively analog-driven type of electronic music.

In August 2016, the B! Machine website finally went back online, but under a new domain name.

There are rumors of a new album in the works entitled 'Snake Charm Girl'.




  • Temple (1999)
  • Opal (2000)
  • Opal (Limited 2 CD Edition) (2000)
  • Umbrella (2001)
  • Angels (2004)
  • Forget (2005)
  • The Other Girl (2009)
  • A Certain Sadness (February, 2010)

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