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Industry Retailing
Founded April 1989; 29 years ago (1989-04)
Headquarters Reykjavik, Iceland
Number of locations
32[1] (2017)
Area served
Products Discount store
Owner Hagar
Number of employees
1000[2] (2017)
Website bonus.is
Bónus Keflavik
17-08-05-Supermarkt-Bonus-Keflavik-RalfR-DSC 2603.jpg

Bónus[1] (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈpoːunʏs]) is an Icelandic no-frills supermarket chain owned by Hagar. Bónus operates 32 stores in Iceland and seven in the Faroe Islands. It follows the no-frills format of limited hours, simple shelves and having a giant fridge instead of chiller cabinets.


Bónus was started by Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson and his father, Jóhannes Jónsson, with the first store in Skútuvogur street in Reykjavík in April, 1989. Within just a few years, the chain became the biggest supermarket chain in Iceland. In 1992, another Icelandic supermarket, Hagkaup, bought a 50% stake. In 1998 the chains merged,[3] but keeping their separate identities, to form Baugur Group. Bónus and Hagkaup are now both owned by Baugur Group's subdivision Hagar.


^ Bónus is always written with an accent on the “o”.


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