B.C. Butcher

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B.C. Butcher
BC Butcher poster.jpg
Directed byKansas Bowling
Produced byLloyd Kaufman
Kansas Bowling
Written byKansas Bowling
Kenzie Givens
StarringNatasha Halevi
Kato Kaelin
Kadeem Hardison
Rodney Bingenheimer
Music byThe Ugly Kids
Vicky and the Vengents
Hollywood Argyles
CinematographyRichard Samuels
Edited byRobby DeFrain
Distributed byTroma Entertainment
Release date
  • January 8, 2016 (2016-01-08)
Running time
51 minutes
CountryUnited States

B.C. Butcher is a 2016 American horror comedy film directed by 17-year-old Kansas Bowling [1][2] about a tribe of cavewomen being stalked by a prehistoric monster. It has been dubbed as "the first prehistoric slasher film".[3] It was released in January 2016 by Troma Entertainment.


A tribe of cavewomen sacrifice one of their members after it is revealed she is having an affair with the tribe leader's man (Kato Kaelin). They leave her body in the wilderness and it is discovered by a prehistoric beast who falls in love with the dead cavewoman and vows to avenge her death. The monster, known as "The Butcher", hunts down the cavewomen responsible for her murder. The film also features a music video interlude by Los Angeles punk band The Ugly Kids.



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