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The BGN/PCGN romanization of Burmese is based on the 1907 version of the Tables for the Transliteration of Burmese into English, published in 1908 by the Office of the Superintendent, Government Printing, Rangoon, Burma.[1] This system was adopted by the British government during colonial rule, to transcribe place names in Burma.[1] The system does not distinguish aspirated and unaspirated consonants.

Consonant characters[edit]

IPA Burmese Romanization
1 /k/, /kʰ/ က၊ ခ k-
2 /g/ ဂ၊ ဃ g-
3 /ŋ/ ng-
4 /s/, /sʰ/ စ၊ ဆ s-
5 /z/ ဇ၊ ဈ z-
6 /ɲ/ ny-
7 /t/, /tʰ/ ဋ၊ တ၊ ဌ၊ ထ t-
8 /d/ ဍ၊ ဎ၊ ဒ၊ ဓ d-
9 /n/ ဏ၊ န n-
10 /p/, /pʰ/ ပ၊ ဖ p-
11 /b/ ဗ၊ ဘ b-
12 /m/ m-
13 /j/ ယ၊ ရ y-
14 /l/ လ၊ ဠ l-
15 /w/ w-
16 /θ/, /ð/ th-
17 /h/ h-
18 /a/ a-

Consonant character combinations[edit]

Burmese Romanization
1 မြ၊ မျ My-
2 မွ Mw-
3 မြွ၊ မျွ Myw-
4 မှ hM-
5 ခြ၊ ချ ch-
6 ရှ၊ သျှ၊ လျှ sh-

Vowel characters[edit]

Independent Romanization Dependent Romanization
1 အာ a
2 e အေ e
3 အဲ အယ် è
4 ဣ ဤ i အိ အီ i
5 အို o
6 ဥ ဦ u အု အူ u
7 ဩ ဪ aw အော အော် aw


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