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Baba Kashmira Singh is head of the Sidhant Sant Samaj or Gurbani (Gurmati) Sidhant Pracharak Sant Samaj, a pro-Gurmat organization in Jalandhar, India.[1][2] Formed in January, 1999, the organization rose to demand the removal of the controversial Gurcharan Singh Tohra from the Sant Samaj.[2]

Prior to Baba Kashmira Singh's emergence as a religious figure, he served as a police official.[3] His behavior as a religious leader, such as the promotion of the unity of religions, has sometimes created controversy among the Sikh community; in 1999, he was called before the collective body of Akal Takht to defend his allegedly "'heretical' activities".[4] In an interview, Baba Kashmira Singh declared, "I believe a religion should be flexible and change with the times."[4] He Started Initiating Satsang From Guru Granth Sahib Ji & Other Holy Books From 1 January 1982 Till Now By The Blessing Of His Satguru Swami Gurbachan Lal Ji Maharaj He is the founder of SGL Charitable Hospital in Jalandhar, a non-profit, acute care hospital with 500 beds,[5] part of the Jan Sewa Trust he runs.[4] He is known all over the world for formation of Eye Bank, Anti drug Addiction Compaign, Breast/uterus cancer eradication, old age home, anti-dowry drive and nation soul refund.[citation needed]


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