Baccio Baldini

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Inferno 1, engraving after Botticelli, c. 1481, Biblioteca Riccardiana

Baccio Baldini (1436 – c. 1487) was an Italian engraver of the Renaissance, active in his native Florence.


Little is known of Baldini's life. The biographer Vasari noted that Baldini was a goldsmith who based all of his works on Sandro Botticelli and that Baldini was a pupil of Maso Finiguerra.

Engravings by Baldini were published in 1477 in a work by Antonio Bettini and also nineteen plates for a 1481 edition of Dante's Inferno. The following plates have been attributed to Baldini : Plates for the Monte Santo di Dio (1477). printed by Nicolaus Laurentii; Twenty-four of the Prophets; Twelve of the Sibyls; and a Theseus and Ariadne.