Bachelite (album)

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Studio album by Offlaga Disco Pax
Released 8 February 2008
Recorded May-October 2007
Genre Indie
Length 51:43
Label Santeria
Producer Francesco Donadello
Enrico Fontanelli
Offlaga Disco Pax
Offlaga Disco Pax chronology
Socialismo Tascabile (Prove Tecniche di Trasmissione)

Bachelite is the second album released by the Italian indie/electronica band Offlaga Disco Pax. Recorded between May and October 2007 and mastered in October in New York City, the album was published by Santeria Records on February 8, 2008. With this album the band developed its sound, which became much more electronica-influenced than in Socialismo Tascabile (Prove Tecniche di Trasmissione).

Track listing[edit]

songs written by Collini and Fontanelli, except where indicated.

  • "Superchiome" – 4:22
  • "Ventrale" – 3:18
  • "Dove ho messo la Golf?" – 6:18
  • "Sensibile" (Fontanelli, Carretti, Collini) – 5:49
  • "Lungimiranza" (4:00
  • "Cioccolato I.A.C.P." (Collini, Carretti) – 9:19
  • "Fermo!" (Collini, Carretti) – 5:43)
  • "Onomastica" (Collini, Carretti) – 5:55
  • "Venti Minuti" – 7:03

Thematic elements[edit]

Bachelite's themes are similar to the ones in Offlaga Disco Pax's debut album, "Socialismo Tascabile (Prove Tecniche di Trasmissione)". Collini writes once again about people, athletes and daily happenings linking them to politics, even though "Bachelite" is more introverted and cryptic than its predecessor.

  1. "Superchiome"
  2. "Ventrale"
  3. "Dove ho messo la Golf?"
  4. "Sensibile"
  5. "Lungimiranza"
  6. "Cioccolato I.A.C.P."
  7. "Fermo!"
  8. "Onomastica"
  9. "Venti Minuti"


  • Enrico Fontanelli - bass, keyboards
  • Daniele Carretti - guitar, bass
  • Max Collini - vocals

Other musicians[edit]

  • Francesco Donadello – drums in Ventrale
  • Deborah Naomi Walker - cello in Sensibile
  • Jukka Reverberi - vocals in Cioccolato I.A.C.P. and Fermo!
  • Nicola Manzan - vocals in Cioccolato I.A.C.P.
  • Andrea Fumagalli - saxophone in Onomastica

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