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Industry Internet
Web Analytics
Founded March 2009[1]

BackTweets is a Twitter analytics tool which allows users to search through a Tweet archive for links, including shortened URLs[2] that were sent on Twitter.


BackTweets was developed by BackType and released on Friday March 6, 2009.[1] A short time after its launch, the service received significant media attention, most notably from Twitter[3] and popular social media news site Mashable.[4] In March 2011 BackType raised $1 million in seed funding from investors such as True Ventures, K9 Ventures, Freestyle Capital, Founder Collective and others.[5] This was in addition to the $315,000 in funding it had raised previously from Y Combinator and True Ventures.[6] On July 5, 2011 BackType announced that it had been purchased by Twitter, would be relocating to Twitter's offices and would be discontinuing BackType and its API.[7] A few months after the acquisition the BackTweets service was shut down.[8]

On March 6, 2012 the domain was bought in a public auction by Sorezki Ltd. who re-launched the site as a free service.[9][10]


BackTweets enables individuals, companies and their competitors to gauge the quantity and quality of their Twitter reach by showing the number a times a link was tweeted[11] as well as the actual tweet that was made.[12] From a business perspective, the BackTweets service can help corporations understand how individuals interact with their brand.[13] The service requires neither a username nor registration to the site.[14] As opposed to Twitter's search capacity,[2] BackTweets tracks all links which were tweeted, regardless of the form they were shared in, which prevents users from getting fragmented information about their Twitter link presence.[15] In response to a search, tweets are returned in reverse chronological order with the most recent tweets appearing first in the list.[14]


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