Back Breaker

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Back Breaker
Studio album by The Showdown
Released August 19, 2008
Recorded January - April 2008
Genre Southern Metal
Christian metal
Thrash metal[1]
Length 44:09
Label Solid State Records
Producer Jeremiah Scott
The Showdown chronology
Feel Like Hell EP
(2007)Feel Like Hell EP2007
Back Breaker
Blood in the Gears
(2010)Blood in the Gears2010
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating (88%) link
Jesusfreakhideout 4.5/5 stars link
Metal-Archives (73%) link

Back Breaker is the third album from the Tennessee christian metal band The Showdown. It's their first album with Solid State Records.[2] On June 27, 2008 The Showdown released the track listing.[3] On August 19, 2008, the album was released in stores. It is the last album to feature guitarist Travis Bailey, bassist Eric Koruschak, and drummer AJ Barrette.


The style of Back Breaker has proved to be somewhat a mix of their first two albums. They have returned to the heavier sound of A Chorus of Obliteration, while still keeping some of the southern elements of Temptation Come My Way. Lead vocalist Dave Bunton uses harsh screaming, growling, and yelling often, but also mixes in some singing. The band characterized Temptation Come My Way as being their "Black Album.",[4] while this album has moved towards their Pantera influences. Drummer A.J. Barrette brings back more double bass for this album. Each of the album's song titles is based on Greek mythology storylines.[5]

The album cover was designed by Ryan Clark and features Mark Dugdale as its model.[6]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Titanomachy - The Beginning" - 2:42
  2. "Hephaestus - The Hammer Of The Gods" – 4:18
  3. "Aphrodite - The Disillusionaire" - 4:14
  4. "Achilles - The Backbreaker" – 3:59
  5. "Prometheus - The Fires Of Deliverance" – 3:57
  6. "Cerberus - The Hellhound Awaits" 4:27
  7. "Odysseus - A Song of Hope" 3:57
  8. "Aries - I Am Vengeance" – 3:25
  9. "Infernus - You Will Move" - 4:00
  10. "Nemesis - Give Us This Day" 3:53
  11. "Medea - One Foot In Hell" - 5:12


The Showdown[7]


  • Jeremiah Scott - Producer
  • Ryan Clark - Artwork
  • Mark Dugdale - Model for Artwork
  • Jon Dunn - A&R
  • Troy Glessner - Mastering
  • Tim Smith - Management
  • J.R. McNeely - Mixing
  • Jerad Knudson - Photography
  • Chris Byrnes - Assistant
  • Justin Burns - Editing