Back in Business (1997 film)

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Stone Cold 2:Back in Business
Back in business 1997 film.jpg
Movie cover
Directed byPhilippe Mora
Written byEd Decatur
Ash Staley
Produced byPeter McAlevey
Gary Wichard
StarringBrian Bosworth
Joe Torry
Music byBrian Clifton
Allan Zavod
Distributed byTriStar Pictures
Release date
  • May 29, 1997 (1997-05-29)
Running time
93 minutes
CountryUnited States

Back in Business is a 1997 action thriller film starring Brian Bosworth and Joe Torry. The film revolves around two policemen, Joe Elkhart (Bosworth) and Tony Dunbar (Torry) and their pursuit of drug runners and dirty cops.


German release[edit]

The film was released in Germany under the title Heart of Stone in May 1997. The German VHS release changed the title to Stone Cold 2 and marketed it as a sequel to Brian Bosworth's 1991 debut film Stone Cold, including a picture of Bosworth from the VHS cover for that film. The later German DVD release used the same artwork.


Critical reception for Back in Business has been negative. Empire Magazine felt that "Not very exciting, not very funny and hardly likely to promote either of its stars out of the low-rent sector, it cruises along like a very old car, you know it'll get to where it's going in the end but you don't want to go along for the ride."[1]

TV Guide criticized the film, writing that "Although the film gets some mileage out of the running gag about our hero's attempts to control his temper by speaking to a talk-radio psychiatrist, the film's false starts and detours are best exemplified by Bosworth's "Dukes of Hazzard"-like interplay with Torry. Trying way too hard to divert, BACK IN BUSINESS falls prey to extraneous explosions and lame comic relief."[2] Entertainment Weekly rated the movie a C-, stating that Bosworth's " fledgling charisma can’t save this clanking thriller".[3]


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