Back to the Future: The Pinball

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Back to the Future: The Pinball
BttfII PB.jpg
Manufacturer Data East
Release date June 1990
System Data East Version 3
Designer(s) Joe Kaminkow
Ed Cebula
Programmer(s) Rehman Merchant
Artwork Paul Faris
Music Brian Schmidt
Sound Brian Schmidt
Voices Fred Young
Thomas F. Wilson

Back to the Future: The Pinball is a 1990 pinball machine designed by Joe Kaminkow, Ed Cebula and released by Data East. It is based on the Back to the Future trilogy by Universal Pictures. The game features three songs that were featured in the first and third movies of the series, "The Power of Love", "Back in Time" (originally performed by Huey Lewis and the News), and "Doubleback" (originally performed by ZZ Top). Michael J. Fox refused to permit his image to be used to adorn the backglass of the game, so the replacement image of Marty McFly wearing glasses, was portrayed by Brad Faris, son of Data East pinball artwork designer Paul Faris.

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