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Skyline of Badacsonytomaj
Coat of arms of Badacsonytomaj
Coat of arms
Badacsonytomaj is located in Hungary
Location of Badacsonytomaj
Coordinates: 46°48′33″N 17°30′30″E / 46.80908°N 17.50845°E / 46.80908; 17.50845
Country  Hungary
County Veszprém
 • Total 32.7 km2 (12.6 sq mi)
Population (2004)
 • Total 2,272
 • Density 69.48/km2 (180.0/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 8258
Area code(s) 87

Badacsonytomaj is a village in the Hungarian county of Veszprém with 2,341 inhabitants, as of 2011. It is located at the eastern foot of the volcanic Badacsony hill along the Lake Balaton in Hungary.

The greatest sight in the village is that of the hill itself, with its spectacular 60−70 m high basalt organs. The region around the town is well known for its high quality Hungarian wines.

The town's name was recently used in a viral promotion by Sony to promote a new feature in their PlayStation 3 Home Service. The viral campaign consisted of billboards being placed around Europe with various letters on them. Players had to piece together the letters and use the resulting word as a code.

As a municipality, it includes the smaller villages of Badacsonyörs and Badacsony as well as the town center of Badacsonytomaj.


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Ethnic groups in the city of Badacsonytomaj

  Hungarian (97.34%)
  German (2.04%)
  Unknown (0.63%)
  Others (0.63%)
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Religious groups in the village of Badacsonytomaj

  Roman Catholic (55.15%)
  No religion (6.19%)
  Reformed (2.01%)
  Lutheran (1.07%)
  Unknown (34.77%)
  Other (1.2%)

The majority ethnic group in the village is Hungarian (97.34%), followed by German (2.04%).[1] The majority of residents are Roman Catholic (55.15%), 9% have no religion (6.19%). A significant number of residents' religions' are not known.[2]


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Coordinates: 46°48′N 17°31′E / 46.800°N 17.517°E / 46.800; 17.517